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Volcanic terrain, amazing volcano views. Starting from El Pilar finishing down in by the salt pans of Fuencaliente. Ascent of 550 m. Descent 2.200 m. Possible bath by El Faro of Fuencaliente.

Day 5: Rest day. You are invited on a tour in Finca Cruz Chica, an avocado and banana plantation in La Laguna, In there you would be shown how the plants are grown and importance of agriculture in the island. Other options: Boat safari, kayaking, hiking or visit a winery.

Day 6: From El Pilar all the way to the beach of Puerto de Naos, through some local downhills, lava fields, and El Barranco de los Hombres, a very special place to do MTB, a dry river of lava tongues, you will feel like in a pumptrack. Make sure to bring your swimwear. Ascent 400 m, descent 2.300 m.

Day 2: Jungle ride with great views of the east and west side of the island, Biking from the ridge of El Paso all the way to the capital city, Santa Cruz de La Palma. Ascent 400 m, descent 2.500 m.

Day 3: From Pico de La Nieve at 2.000 m, you will ride one of the favourite trails, outstanding views as usual. A long rock garden with switchbacks  at the end. Ascent 100 m, descent 2.400 m.

Day 4: From El Pilar all the way to the beach of Puerto de Naos, through some local downhills, lava fields, and El Barranco de los Hombres, a very special place to do MTB, a dry river of lava tongues, you will feel like in a pumptrack. Make sure to bring your swimwear. Ascent 400 m, descent 2.300 m.


1 free day: free choice.

In La Palma you will ride on different types of terrain like soft and hard dirt, rocky tracks, volcanic stones, loose gravel, etc.

The trails goes through deep woods as well as volcanic areas and includes plenty of singletrack, fast and flowing to the steep and rocky. 

Plenty of the trails lead by the sea and are from 8 to 40 km long. 

One of them starts at 2400 meters adobe the sea level and finishes right by the beach, it is aprox. 25Km long which makes it one of the best all mountain/enduro rides of The Canary Islands.

La Palma offers you a combination of all mountain, enduro, freeride and downhill mountain biking. MTB Paradise will provide guides and  the right bikes for its trails. 


This will be an adventure for those who do love Mountain Biking, ride endless trais and having fun !


It can also be a way of exploring the  best sightseen points of the island in an ecofriendly way, and doing excersise.


Get the best of La Palma in one week, we fix everything for you and your friends. Everyday you will feel like you are riding different kind of trails and terrains. In total around 15.000 m downhill, or more, in a week and about 400 m uphill on riding days.

Stay in luxury house Villa Piedras Blancas a big house with jacuzzi, easy access to our shop, restaurant and the mountain bike network of El Pilar by bike, located in the heart of the island, El Paso.



Day 1: Get picked up on the airport, transport to the apartment, mounting the bikes and chat about the island and its trails. Possible riding day depending on the flight times.

Day 2: Transfer to El Pilar. First day riding on some downhills in the area to get in touch with the different kinds of terrain, flowy singletrack, jumps, corners, rock gardens, with some uphill in between trails. In the middle of the route we will make a stop in La Rosa, to have snacks and get some extra energy so we can do the last climb to the downhill towards Los Llanos, a very fast and smooth trail with views of the Aridane Valley… Finish by centre of town.  Transfer to Apartment. 

Shuttle: 40min (20min + 20min)

Biking: 4 - 5h

Altitude: - 2.200m + 500m

Distance: 30Km approx.

Day 3: Transfer to Pico de la Nieve at 2000m over the sea.  Enduro day on the route known for its views of all sides of the island and countless switchbacks. We will start warming up on a 200m ascent through fire road until we get to the singletrack. Technical, flow, switchbacks and rock gardens along the way, 100% nature. Views of La Caldera on the right side, capital Santa Cruz on the left side, volcanoes towards the south. Half way there is a cosy cottage with water and energy in the middle of nowhere, with a view. In there we will  make a “coffee break” to be able to hit the switchbacks, all the way to El Paso, mind the pine tree needles..! Tapas and chatting or take a look at the pictures. Transfer to apartment.

Shuttle: 1h 20min

Biking: 4 - 5h

Altitude: -2000m +500m

Distance: 30Km approx.

Day 4: One last transfer to Pico de La Nieve. This time we are headed towards the northeast, Puntallana. A fast downhill all the way of 9 km, on average 1h 30min only biking down, no need of pedalling… yey!. Terrain and vegetation changes with the altitude, usually rainy and without many trees over 1500m, then it switches to tunnel singletrack under the very green woods "laurisilva" of Puntallana often wet until 1000m, after that dry and compact mud in the end, in which a downhill race takes place every year. Possible sandwich/snack in local Bar Restaurant in town.

Taxi will be there to take us to El Pilar where we will bike down some of the top trails of our town in El Paso. Transfer to apartment.

Shuttle: 1h 50min (1h + 50min)

Biking: 4h

Altitude: -2400m + 50m

Distance: 25Km approx.

Day 5: Transfer to El Pilar. It is a rock gardens day.  We will begin warming up on fire road between the pine tree forest, little up little down, it is also nice to bike! After we all got good sensations with the bike get ready to bike through a huge singletrack of rock gardens, on volcanic rock and the laurisilva forest of Mazo. Transfer to El Pilar once more to shred the other side, a wonderful clean singltrack on gravel terrain through pine forest awaits for us, jumps, corners, feels like snow… Right after the terrain changes, we will descent through a river of lava almost all the way to the beach, in which if you are skilled enough you will find the flow, locally called “Barranco de los Hombres”. Finish by the beach of Puerto de Naos where you could take a bath, food and some beer !

Shuttle: 1h 15min (20 + 30 +25)

Biking: 4 - 5h

Altitude: - 3000m + 200m

Distance: 20Km

Day 6: Free choice. By now you already know the island, its trails and terrains. From your experience of the past days you will be able to make an idea of the right trail for you to finish with.

Day 7: Packing the bikes, transfer to the airport, possible visit in Santa Cruz, the capital city or other activities.

*Routes could change due to weather and level of the group, there is always awesome options.

PRICE: 605€ (shuttle and guide) 755€ (shuttle, guide and fully bike--> scroll down)